Why I support the Downtown Residents Alliance

Why I support the Downtown Residents Alliance

 They [Downtown Residents Alliance] really care about me and other downtown residents. The DSA only seems to care about developers and retailers.”

“I’m not happy with the direction the Mayor is taking in trying to fund HALA by allowing bigger, fatter buildings, which will worsen downtown livability.”

“I love living downtown, but I don’t think the City should be allowing so many towers so close together. It's neither fair nor just to downtown residents.”

“I realize that people will start fleeing downtown as fast as they moved here if we don’t reverse the trend towards a concrete jungle. I believe the Downtown Residents Alliance is leading the charge for sanity in land-use regulation.”

“The Downtown Residents Alliance has a practical solution to putting the “L” in HALA. I support their efforts.”

“We have a very flawed land-use code for Downtown, and the Downtown Residents Alliance is working hard to correct it.”

“I don’t want to feel like I’m living in a cave. The Downtown Residents Alliance is fighting to do something about it.”

“I support their efforts to mandate wider, modern, well-lighted alleys for all new downtown residential construction. That will not only help alleviate alley congestion, but reduce night-time alley crime, too.”

“The Downtown Residents Alliance is very organized and professional. They are representing the citizens of downtown very well.”

“I sense a groundswell of support building for their efforts to protect and improve downtown livability…and I want to be a part of that.”

“When you see what your fellow downtown residents are doing for you on a purely volunteer basis, I believe that you’ll want to be a part of it, too!”