Why Is An Absolute Fabrication Allowed To Stand At Design Review?

Why Is An Absolute Fabrication Allowed To Stand At Design Review?

When the Douglaston 5th & Virginia developer says "low angle sunlight is blocked by existing downtown context, no impact from proposed development", as they did in the meeting booklet for the recent DRB Recommendation Meeting; and the photo clearly shows bright morning sun shining through to east facade of Escala that will be totally blocked by the proposed development, there can be only one conclusion. This was a totally fabricated sun lighting study conclusion for which Douglaston should be held accountable...and this was only one of several similar misrepresentations on their part.

Look also at their bogus T-Rex light box study of opaqueness in the glass they propose to use on the glass wall facing Escala.

What is the penalty for making multiple bogus claims like these in an Early Design Guidance [EDG] or Recommendation Meeting Booklet by an Applicant? Apparently, very little. Reviewing the Recommendation Meeting Report just released, it appears that the Design Review Board [DRB] did not take seriously the absolute fabrication by Douglaston in their Meeting Booklet and Presentation on sun lighting, a critical element of livability and health that we had called to their attention, and which is clearly called for in Seattle Design Guideline A.1.d. "access to direct sunlight...."

Fortunately, the DRB is asking them to redo the T-Rex study and demo it at the next meeting with an interior lighting simulation. This should help answer some privacy questions, but access to sunlight still needs to be addressed.

These were both major gross misrepresentations for which there have been little consequences to them for making, and that will seriously and adversely affect our lives and health if they are allowed to stand.

We need accountability in the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections [SDCI] and we need it now! Someone in leadership needs to stand up and say that enough is enough. Light, air, and privacy must be protected for all residents. This is a travesty of justice that must not stand.

Escala Development Strategy Sub-Committee