Developer Misleads City and Downtown Residents on Lack of Light.

Developer Misleads City and Downtown Residents on Lack of Light.

Testimony at 5th & Virginia – 2nd Recommendation Meeting-December 20, 2016

My name is Daron Henry, I’m a kindergarten teacher. My wife, Nami, a hospital pharmacist, and I lived in Seattle for over 22 years before making the decision to move downtown and into unit 410 on the alley side of Escala. While living in our old neighborhood, the Central District, and now our new one, we have actively worked to create a better environment for all of those around us.

However, I never imagined that I would have to fight for the basic human right…of daylight.

A year ago, Douglaston assured us at a meeting just like this one that we would suffer no adverse impact on our daylight and sunlight from this project. Now we are horrified to find out that this is not true.

We have a letter from Dr. Lieu at Swedish Medical Center testifying to the negative health impacts of a lack of sunlight.  I will leave that with you tonight.

Not only will this lack of sunlight affect us, it will have an impact on our dog, Sugar, who is home alone while we are at work during the day. It’s a proven fact that animals are affected in the same way as humans by a lack of natural light.

Please do the right thing and send them back to redesign the alley side of this building, so we will NOT be living in a cave and subjected to the health-threatening effects of this ill-conceived project that we have just discovered at our own expense.

Please do not reward the Applicant for misleading us. That would neither be right nor fair.

-Thank You!

Note: Despite Mr. Henry's compelling testimony, the DRB approved their design without addressing the natural light/daylighting issue at all.

Please let Mayor Murray and City Council know of your displeasure with this lack of concern about people and adverse impacts to their lives.