Downtown: The Front Porch of Seattle

Downtown Seattle used to be a beautiful, livable area, the envy of many other cities. Not so much today. Yet, everyone in Seattle has a vested interest in a clean, beautiful, functional, and livable downtown. 

Whether you are in town on business, a tourist, a Seattleite just coming downtown to take in the sights, attractions, ballparks, restaurants, or shows, or a downtown resident, a cluttered front porch [downtown] leaves a bad first impression, no matter what is behind it. 

We have so many great things in downtown Seattle, but on the way to them you’ll see trash, tents, people passed out on the sidewalks, drug deals & injections, traffic gridlock…and on and on. As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, so fix it now!


Escalators in the Westlake Transit Tunnel

On a recent day (12/22/2018), a downtown visitor coming into downtown on light rail and exiting in the Westlake Transit Tunnel would have encountered 5 escalators out of order and no city or transit personnel on hand to offer directions. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence.


Our front porch?

Sampling of what needs to be changed on our front porch in Downtown Seattle.


Heavy traffic has now become the norm in Seattle - we need to act now to turn this around!