Wake Up Jenny

Wake up Jenny! You need to quit running from one carefully orchestrated photo-op to the next playing City Cheerleader and proclaiming Seattle is thriving. 


What we need is a tough problem-solving Mayor, one who is serious about dealing with the life-threatening, livelihood -threatening, and livability-threatening issues we have in Downtown and elsewhere.

Bartells is not the first, only the latest, business to have had enough of lax law enforcement and  no serious effort to combat drug addiction and mental illness. Several convenience stores have closed; the word is that McDonalds at 3rd & Pine is closing after 40 years; and now Bartells will not open any more stores Downtown. That’s just a sampling; and all for very similar reasons.

Who is next? Macys is an obvious candidate if you are in and around that store regularly, as many of us downtown residents are. Look at the smashed display case, a symbol of the ongoing and rampant shoplifting.


Shoplifters brazenly grab goods and threaten employees when they try to intervene, saying “You know you can’t stop me; it’s just the times.” Then the story is that they go across the street to the McDonald’s, exchange their goods for drugs…a one-stop center. Then they can get their next “shopping order”. No wonder McDonalds has had enough.

As Bartells CEO Lentzsch says, this is not a Bartell Drug problem because her competitors are facing the same issue and so are many other businesses across Seattle. Wake Up Jenny before it’s too late for Seattle and your political career.