Downtown Design Review Board Asleep At The Wheel…Again!

Once again, our Seattle Downtown Design Review Board (DRB) has been caught “asleep at the wheel”, as a developer repeatedly ignores City Code and DRB direction, and yet is NOT held accountable. The Developer of the proposed 23 story Silver Cloud [building with the maze-like facade in the picture] on the old Jiffy Lube site at 2033 4th Avenue is the culprit this time. 

At both EDG1 and EDG2, the DRB asked the project team to prepare alley turn radius studies. (C6.2,E3, E1.2). SDOT has also informed the applicant that it doesn’t support a loading berth reduction and has asked for diagrams showing berth accessibility, the expected daily loading activity and a load management plan. None of these have been provided in the latest plan posted to the project portal. Yet what were the consequences? None, that we can see. The DRB approved the project, sending it on to Master Use Permit (MUP) and the Recommendation phase.

As we emphasized last week in our DRA Post of May 30th 2019 entitled “Fairness in Design Review”, this favoritism toward developers, even when a project’s transportation loading, and waste management designs are clearly non-code compliant and non-functional like this one, has to stop. Unless modified, Silver Cloud will have a devastating environmental impact on surrounding streets and right-of-ways.

If the SEPA review process is to be taken seriously, this Silver Cloud proposal will be sent back to the drawing board! 

Attached is the full text of concerns sent to the SDCI planner and others, and posted on the SDCI web site