Please Help Us Help You!

As you know, we formed a non-profit corporation, the Downtown Residents Alliance, to advocate on your behalf for zoning improvements (residential development standards) in downtown to protect livability by providing for reasonable light, air, and privacy..

Because our persistent calls for livability protections for all downtown residents have so far been ignored in the rush to pass the Mayor's Housing and Livability Agenda (HALA), we have filed an appeal to the Determination of Non-Significance [DNS] for the HALA proposal for even fatter high-rise towers downtown. Even though the City's claim of Non-Significance is ludicrous on its face, it is still an expensive process to fight it.

We have already incurred significant legal fees to file the appeal, and expect to spend at least $25,000+  more just to get through the hearing examiner stage in late August. This is why we need your help today.

During the appeal process, we will continue to lobby for improvements to the actual HALA up-zoning legislation in order to provide livability protections for all downtown residents.

Please help us help you protect our community and the future of downtown Seattle.