Putting the "L" in HALA

We really want to support HALA as enthusiastically as we do the Housing Levy, but using the extra 1000 sq. ft./floor of development capacity in new residential towers as the vehicle for achieving HALA’a funding goals is a “sticky” point for many of us downtown residents; because we see it as further eroding light, air, and privacy, essential elements of Livability.  But there is a solution that would work for everyone…and put the “L” in HALA.

We’re not asking for 6,000-7000 sq. ft. floor plates like Vancouver for the downtown “danger zones” (DOC1, DOC2, DRC, and DMC Waterfront), even though that is what the 5th & Madison condo has…and it is a great example of “density done right”.

Just using the residential development standards of SM South Lake Union (60% max lot coverage and some alley set back requirements) or DMC Belltown and South Lake Union (80’ tower separation and 10,700 max floor size) and combining that with more allowable height (instead of more girth) would result in a fair, just, and complete HALA solution—dollars for Affordability and Livability for downtown residents.