Working For A Livable Downtown Seattle



We are Downtown Seattle residents concerned about the current challenges to the future livability of our city who have banded together to make our voices heard.


Everyone, no matter where they reside, is entitled to a livable environment that includes access to daylight, open space, and privacy. The growth in residential buildings in downtown Seattle has been robust, but residential development standards have not kept pace with this new reality. Good residential standards already exist for some areas of downtown. These standards include adequate tower separation, a limit to the number of towers per block, reasonable alley set backs, and a restriction on the percentage of a lot that a building can occupy. We strongly believe that these kinds of standards should apply to any downtown zone where residential building is allowed to take place. It's about fairness and justice. We have chosen to live in the urban core because we believe in density, but we are working for a vibrant, livable downtown — i.e.  density done right.


Our goals are...

1. Legislation to accomplish the funding goals of HALA through additional allowable height equivalent to the proposed additional 1000 sq. ft. per floor of development capacity in DOC2, rather than through additional girth.

2. While our proposed HALA legislation is a step in the right direction, because it establishes a precedent for granting height departures in lieu of extra girth, it does not solve existing livability problems, especially in DOC2, caused by inadequate tower spacing and alley loading/unloading and circulation issues. 

An achievable, reasonable, and permanent solution is to couple the allowable height departure under HALA with a height departure in Design Review for DOC2 (in exchange for tower spacing and alley setbacks).

How can You Help?

1. Join the Downtown Residents Alliance.

2. Donate to help us advocate for a livable downtown.

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