You da Man, Al!

We want to give a big "shout out" to local developer Al Clise of Clise Properties for standing up for reasonable tower spacing to protect light, air, and privacy of residents in downtown Seattle. You da man, Al!

When HB Management proposed a 41 story tower "only" 42 1/2 feet from a neighboring tower Clise Properties is proposing (as an exception to the 60 feet tower spacing rule), Clise said "It's a bad precedent for the city. It's bad architecture. It's really bad for the people who live in the area."*

We couldn't agree more, Al. That's why we are strenuously objecting to a 47-story tower right across an 18 feet alley from Escala. If 42 1/2 feet tower spacing is bad architecture and too close to protect privacy, then only 22 feet is ludicrous and unfair, and the DCI should use their authority under SMC 25.05.675.G to require the Applicant to move further away from their residential neighbor.

Thank you Al for supporting downtown livability!

*Puget Sound Business Journal, April 19, 2016.